BCI Annual Conference May 1-2, 2015


We believers need to be reminded that we are actively engaged in warfare. It started in the garden of Eden and won’t end until the last enemy is destroyed.
The folks we counsel are also in a spiritual battle. In fact, that is why they come. They need someone who understands the different battles we all face, and can better equip them so they can return to their battles encouraged, strengthened and ready to overcome. Whether those battles are with relationships (most are!), or with current culture, the Bible is sufficient, practical and thorough.
Dr. Jim Newheiser and his wife, Caroline, tackle some serious battles all believers face, aided by our gifted workshop speakers. BCI is here for you! And, we are here to glorify God. Let us refresh ourselves this first weekend in May so we can return (at peace!) to battle for the souls of those He loves. – Rev. Joe Propri, Director of BCI

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