25K for 25 Yrs

We have a vision for BCI. Over the next couple years we plan to completely revise BCI courses, freshly record, edit, master, reproduce and attractively package our training products. “$25k for 25y” is our clever (?) title for this ambitious project.

These new courses will trim the previous content and add new material and illustrations. We hope to be better organized and more time-conscious with each topic/session. Plus, we’ll have the added benefit of Pastor Glenn Dunn instructing with me.

Included in the $25k goal are funds for other concerns such as overseas mission trips and translating the courses. It is time for BCI to be equipped to better serve those internationally who  are interested in biblical counseling.

On May 2, 2015, we will celebrate our 25th annual conference! We plan to share some of BCI’s history at the Friday night dinner on May 1st. We will also highlight some of BCI’s former students who have developed ministries you might appreciate knowing about. Our special offering will go toward this  project.

We are hoping to announce that we have made great progress toward this goal by the annual conference. Perhaps we will even have a course filmed by then! With new technology, the final product should be better than ever.

This sum can easily be reached by 25 donors giving $1000 each, or 50 giving $500, or just 100 giving $250. When put that way, even I can have faith for this project!

Donations can be  contributed now, through checks to our office in Garrettsville, (Please memo the checks: 25 for 25.) through this website by using the button below that will take you to PayPal for secure and safe online giving.

We appreciate your prayers!